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Standard Barbells

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Standard Bars - Versatile, Cheap and Ship for Free!

When thinking of weight lifting and barbells, most people think of the Olympic sized bar which is typically seven feet long and thicker than a standard bar. While this bar is certainly an essential piece of equipment for your gym, you shouldn't overlook the uses of a standard size barbell.

There is a reason why most commercial gyms have a full set of standard weightlifting bars; they are great for arm and upper body workouts. A standard bar is usually thinner and is five feet or shorter in length. Some bars come with a fixed amount of weight while others use standard size weight plates and collars, allowing you to adjust the weight to your needs. The thinner grip of bar, one inch in diameter, doesn't exhaust the forearms muscles as fast while performing exercises and the shorter length makes it easier to maneuver around the gym and use. The 1" standard barbells are great for bicep curls, tricep extensions, high pulls and other arm and shoulder exercises.

And if you're thinking that adding another piece of equipment to your gym is going to cost a fortune, you'd be wrong. One of the other benefits of standard bars and plates is the fact that they are cheap to purchase. You can buy a standard bar and around 100 pounds of standard size plates for less than the cost of a good Olympic weightlifting bar!